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Jesus' Death & Resurrection

Jesus Brings Lazarus Back to Life! - lesson and game from John 11

Mary Pours Perfume on Jesus - lesson and craft on giving Jesus our best, from John 12:1-11

Palm Sunday - Jesus Rides into Jerusalem on a Donkey - lesson and game from Matthew 21:1-17

Jesus Teaches His Disciples How to Serve One Another - lesson and craft on Jesus washing the disciples' feet, from John 13:1-17

The Last Supper - Communion - lesson on the meaning of communion, from Matthew 26:14-28

Jesus is Arrested - lesson on Peter's denial and Judas' death, from Matthew 26:30-27:5

Jesus Dies and Takes Away Our Sins - object lesson and craft on Matthew 27:11-61

The Real Meaning of the Easter Basket - object lesson on how the items typically found in Easter baskets were originally meant to tell us the story of Jesus

Jesus is Raised! - lesson and game on Jesus' resurrection and our future resurrection, from Matthew 27:62-28:11

The Empty Grave - lesson and activity on Christ's resurrection, from John 19:38-20:18

On the Road to Emmaus - lesson on two disciples meeting Jesus after the Resurrection, from Luke 24:13-31

Jesus Appears to His Discples - lesson on Jesus' appearance to Thomas, from John 20:19-29

Jesus Forgives Peter - lesson on Peter's reinstatement, from John 21:1-17

Jesus Gives His Disciples Their Mission and Promises to Always be With Them - lesson and object lesson from Matthew 28:16-20

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